October 4, 2014 is now marked in history as the day the infamous Jean-Claude Duvalier passed away. Although Baby Doc adopted the self-proclaimed title as Haiti's "President for Life", there are many that would beg to differ. His 15-years reign created conditions that Haiti is still recovering from until this day. Thrust into authority, he soon lear
At just over 10,600 square miles of land, Haiti is a small country overflowing with an abundance of history. Tales of triumph, conquer, disaster, and the endurance to come together and rebuild frequently ring through the ears of those who call Haiti home. After the election of President Michel Martelly in 2011, Haiti has progressed in leaps and bou
The 2014 World Cup has been underway for a week or so now, and most teams have now played their first two fixtures. There have been a few shocks, an avalanche of goals, and most observers agree that this has been one of the most entertaining tournaments ever, befitting of the iconic Brazilian stage on which it’s being played. While it is early to p