neg-mawon Did you know Haiti is the only country in the world with Vodou as official religion there?

Interesting facts about Haiti

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Let's turn around a take a brief look behind us. I discovered amazing facts about Haiti, so I would like to share them. 

Well, for the beginning:

-Did you know Haiti is the only country in the world with Vodou as official religion there?

-Only two countries in the American Continent have French as their official language. One of those two, is Haiti.

-In the 17th and 18th century, 60% of the world coffee exports were Haitian responsibility. 

- For over a century, the life of approximately 25 million inhabitants of France, depended from the colonial trade, which one was centered in Haiti. 

- Haiti was also responsible for sugar consummation for over 40% in the entire world, for 105 years.

- Haiti is the only country whose humanity independence is a result of successful slave revolt.

-This country is also the first Black Republic in the world. 

-Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean.

- After Cuba, Haiti has the longest coastline in the Caribbean. It's 1.100 miles long. Impressing right?

- For 4 centuries, the world's top 3 major super powers ( Spain, France and England) were in war with each other to conquer Haiti and to have control under this country because of it's geographical position. 

-Haiti is unique in history, going directly from slavery to nationhood...

If we search more deeper, this list would be endless. 

Still is enough for now.


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